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Manuals 1. Manual for Using Fluorescent Microspheres to Measure Regional Organ Perfusion
2. FAC User Guide - DOS based data acquisition program.
3. WINFAC User Guide - WINDOWS based data acquisition program.
4. FMSPILL User Guide - Spillover correction program.
Video Tutorials Negative Pressure Filtering
Images Miscellaneous images relating to microspheres

FMRC manuals are provided in Adobe™ Acrobat™ format. You will need the free Acrobat reader for whichever computer system you are using (Macintosh, DOS, Windows, or SUN UNIX). You can download the appropriate reader for your computer from Adobe. If you experience difficulty with using Adobe Acrobat please contact us at .


This video shows you how to use negative pressure to capture microspheres from a sample onto a filter.


This page provides images related to fluorescent microspheres. These images are saved in JPEG format. Click on any image to expand it. If you wish to download the image and are using Netscape which has inline JPEG display click on the associated download anchor. A binhexed(.hqx) image will be downloaded to your computer. You must then debinhex the file before it readable by your graphics program.

* Download Fluorescent microspheres in bottles
* Download UW Health Sciences Bldg (FMRC is on 13th floor)
* Download Journal of Applied Physiology cover (May 1993)

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