Third International Conference on Fluorescent Microsphere Methods

Seattle, Washington

August 29 & 30, 1996

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The use of fluorescent microspheres for measuring regional organ blood flow has recently been introduced [Journal of Applied Physiology 74:2585-2597, 1993]. As current methodologies evolve, the full potential of this new tool can be best realized through a community effort in which scientists freely exchange ideas. The purpose of this conference is to foster further development of fluorescent microspheres by disseminating information and facilitating communication between scientists. Two new applications of fluorescent microspheres will be introduced at the conference; histologic methods for assessing blood flow distribution at the microcirculatory level and the use of aerosolized fluorescent microspheres for measuring regional lung ventilation.

More conference details are available including an updated listing of currently registered participants. As abstracts are received they will be posted for all to read. We have received multiple requests to extend the deadline for submitting abstracts. In consideration of these requests the abstract deadline is extended until August 6, 1996.

The conference schedule is now online for viewing.


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