Hiller, K. H., P. Adami, S. Voll, F. Roder, P. Kowallik, W. R. Bauer, A. Haase and G. Ertl. In vivo colored microspheres in the isolated rat heart for use in NMR. Journal Of Molecular And Cellular Cardiology. 28:571-577, 1996.

Myocardial perfusion measurement with colored microspheres may become an alternative for radioactive microsphere techniques. We use and validate a spectrophotometric method that has been previously established for large animals, in the isolated perfused rat heart. The perfusion system was adapted for use in a NMR microscope. Hearts were perfused with constant coronary now that was adjusted to a coronary perfusion pressure of 100 mmHg. Homogeneous coronary inflow of microspheres was represented by equal distribution of microspheres of two different colors after simultaneous injection. Mean regional myocardial blood flow was 17.76 +/- 5.01 ml/min/g, mean wet heart weight was 1.13 +/- 0.34 g and mean global flow was 20.06 +/- 0.60 mi/min. min. Heart rate was 296 +/- 8.9 beats/min and left ventricular pressure was similar 5 min before (149.1 +/- 14.27 mmHg) and after (147.1 +/- 13.49 mmHg) microsphere injection, Microspheres of four colors that were injected sequentially, at various coronary flows, demonstrated linearity and reproducibility of the technique. A cumulative use of less than 90 000 microspheres showed no effect on hemodynamics especially on left ventricular pressure. (C) 1996 Academic Press Limited.