Bray, R., K. Forrester, J. J. McDougall, A. Damji and W. R. Ferrell. Evaluation of laser Doppler imaging to measure blood flow in knee ligaments of adult rabbits. Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing. 34:227-231, 1996.

Laser Doppler imaging (LDI) is investigated as a novel method for in vivo ligament tissue blood flow determination. LDI output signal is obtained from surgically exposed rabbit medial collateral ligaments (MCL). The LDI signal is compared with simultaneously determined, coloured microsphere (CM)-derived standardised MCL blood flow. Correlation of LDI output with the CM flow data and a linear regression of 17 data points in nine rabbits (joint injured to provoke an acute vascular response in the tissues) indicate that LDI provides a reasonable estimate of MCL blood flow, at least over the ranges assessed. If properly calibrated, and given enough tissue-specific data points, LDI may have advantages over conventional, but more invasive, techniques. The potential clinical application of LDI technology to joint injury and arthritis research is discussed.