Atef, N., B. Portha and L. P'Enicaud. Changes in islet blood flow in rats with NIDDM. Diabetologia. 37:677-80., 1994.

Islet blood flow was quantified in NIDDM rats either of the GK strain on after neonatal injection of STZ (n0-STZ), using the non-radioactive microsphere technique. In the basal state, there was a good correlation between plasma insulin level and islet blood flow, i.e. both were increased or decreased in comparison to those of control rats in GK and n0-STZ rats, respectively. The increased islet blood flow and plasma insulin levels observed in the GK rats were abolished by bilateral subdiaphragmatic vagotomy. During a glucose challenge, whereas plasma insulin and islet blood flow were doubled in control rats, these parameters were not modified in the diabetic rats. These data demonstrate an alteration in the islet blood flow of diabetic rats during a glucose challenge which could participate in the abnormal glucose-induced insulin secretion previously described in these two models.