Mitsumaru, A., R. Yozu, Y. Inoue, S. Tanaka, H. Yoshito, K. Kanda, Y. Tsutsui, N. Tsutsui and S. Kawada. Experimental study of combination of extraaortic balloon counterpulsation and ventricular assist cup to acute heart failure in dogs. Asaio Journal. 43:187-192, 1997.

The goal of this study is to evaluate the applicability and effectiveness of combination support of the extraaortic balloon (EAB) and the ventricular assist cup (VAC) to the acute heart failure model. Under general anesthesia, 10 adult dogs were used. Through the median sternotomy, EAB was placed around the ascending aorta and VAC in the pericardial cavity. After heart failure was induced by administration of propranolol, the on-oft tests of devices were done as follows. Only EAB was used, and only VAC was used and both devices were used. Regional blood flows (RBFs) of both ventricles, liver, kidneys, and brain were measured by colored microsphere technique. Hemodynamic parameters were also measured. In heart failure model, cardiac output (GO) decreased to 66% of control value. In the group assisted by EAB, aortic peak-diastolic pressure and RBFs of both ventricle and brain increased significantly. In the group assisted by VAC, CO and RBFs of all but the left ventricle significantly increased. In the group assisted by EAB and VAC, aortic peak-diastolic pressure, CO, and all five RBFs significantly increased. These results suggest the combination of EAB and VAC is applicable and effective and would be a promising implantable device for the chronic heart failure.