Daldrup, H. E., D. M. Shames, W. Husseini, M. F. Wendland, Y. Okuhata and R. C. Brasch. Quantification of the extraction fraction for gadopentetate across breast cancer capillaries. MAGNETIC RESONANCE IN MEDICINE. 40:537-543, 1998.

To quantify the extraction fraction, E, for gadopentetate across tumor capillaries, R3230 adenocarcinomas were implanted in the mammary fat pads of seven rats, The value of E was determined by using a two-compartment tissue model in which the endothelial transfer coefficient, K-PS (ml.min(-1).cc(-1) of tissue), was estimated from the model fitted to changes in R-1 relaxation time (Delta R-1; s(-1)) measured by dynamic three-dimensional spoiled gradient recalled magnetic resonance imaging after injection of 0.1 mmol.kg(-1) of gadopentetate dimeglumine, The plasma flow rate through the tumor capillaries, F-p, (ml.min(-1).g(-1) of tissue), was independently measured with fluorescent microspheres. E could be calculated by the relationship, E = K-PS/F-p. The mean E for gadopentetate in the R3230 tumor was 0.197 +/- 0.118 with a range of 0.123-0.454. The relatively small mean value of E for gadopentetate allows a fair approximation of the permeability surface area product by K-PS in this R3230 tumor model.