Raab, S., E. Thein, A. G. Harris and K. Messmer. A new sample-processing unit for the fluorescent microsphere method. American Journal of Physiology-Heart and Circulatory Physiology. 45:H1801-H1806, 1999.

The use of fluorescent-labeled microspheres (FM) for measurement of regional blood flow is an attractive alternative to the use of radioactive-labeled microspheres. In the FM method the FM have to be completely recovered from the tissue samples in a time- and labor-intensive process. For this reason, a considerable loss of FM is possible. The aim Of this study was to develop a filtration device that allows the tissue sample to remain in a single container throughout the procedure to make the process easier and to avoid the loss of FM. The core of the sample-processing unit (SPU) is a single-tube filtration device with a polyamide wire mesh. The protocol for processing tissue from different organs (heart, kidney, liver, spleen, intestine, muscle, bone, lung, brain) was modified and thus shortened significantly. Furthermore, the SPU allows direct filtration of the blood reference sample without previous digestion. Different experiments showed that the SPU in combination with the new protocol excludes the loss of 15-mu m FM. The modifications of the whole procedure render it faster and highly standardized.