Hatabu, H., E. Tadamura, D. L. Levin, Q. Chen, W. Li, D. Kim, P. V. Prasad and R. R. Edelman. Quantitative assessment of pulmonary perfusion with dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI. MAGNETIC-RESONANCE-IN-MEDICINE. 42:1033-1038, 1999.

The feasibility of qualitative assessment of pulmonary perfusion using dynamic contrast enhanced MRI with ultra-short TE has recently been demonstrated, in the current study, quantitative analysis was attempted based on the indicator dilution principle using a pig model of pulmonary embolism. The results were compared with the absolute pulmonary perfusion obtained with colored microspheres, The inverse of apparent mean transit time (1/tau(app)), distribution volume (V), and V/tau(app) were correlated well with the absolute lung perfusion. This study demonstrates that MR has the potential to evaluate pulmonary perfusion quantitatively.