Thein, E., S. Raab, A. G. Harris, M. Kleen, O. Habler, F. Meisner and K. Messmer. Comparison of regional blood flow values measured by radioactive and fluorescent microspheres. EUROPEAN-SURGICAL-RESEARCH. 34:215-223, 2002.

Fluorescent microspheres (FM) have become an attractive alternative to radioactive microspheres (RM) for the measurement of regional blood flow (RBF). The aim of the present study was to investigate the comparability of both methods by measuring RBF with FM and RM. Eight anaesthetised pigs received simultaneous, left atrial injections of FM and RM with a diameter of 15 mum at six different time points. Blood reference samples were collected from the descending aorta. RBF was determined in tissue samples of the myocardium, spleen and kidneys of all 8 animals. After radioactivity of the tissue samples was determined, the samples were processed automatically for measuring fluorescence using a recently developed filter device (SPU). RBF was calculated with both the isotope and spectrometric data of both methods for each sample resulting in a total of 10,512 blood flow values. The comparison of the RBF values yielded high linear correlation (mean r(2) = 0.95 +/- 0.03 to 0.97 +/- 0.02) and excellent agreement (bias 5.4-6.7%, precision 9.9-16.5%) of both methods. Our results indicate the validity of MS and of the automated tissue processing technique by means of the SPU.