Park, W. S., Y. S. Chang, J. W. Shim, M. J. Kim, S. Y. Ko, S. S. Kim, J. H. Hwang, C. W. Choi and M. Lee. Effects of dopamine infusion on cerebral blood flow, brain cell membrane function and energy metabolism in experimental Escherichia coli meningitis in the newborn piglet. J Korean Med Sci. 18:869-75, 2003.

In the present study, we tested whether maintenance of adequate cerebral perfusion pressure (CPP) by pharmacologically preventing systemic hypotension with dopamine infusion would prevent cerebral ischemia and attenuate energy depletion and neuronal injury even though intracranial pressure remains elevated in a newborn piglet meningitis model. Cerebral blood flow, measured at the end of the experiment using fluorescent microspheres, was significantly increased by dopamine infusion. The decreased cerebral cortical cell membrane Na+, K+ -ATPase activity and increased lipid peroxidation products, indicative of meningitis-induced brain damage, were significantly attenuated by dopamine infusion. Dopamine also significantly attenuated the meningitis-induced reduction in both brain ATP and phosphocreatine levels and the increase in brain lactate level. In summary, maintenance of adequate CPP with dopamine prevented cerebral ischemia, reduced cerebral energy depletion, and attenuated brain injury in neonatal bacterial meningitis.